Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009

Well, I realized after reading Debbie's blog that I'm officially a blogger SLACKER!! :-) Nathan and I went to Seattle to visit his dad, stepmom, and family from Australia for 6 days over the Easter holiday weekend. We had a blast and ate lots of yummy seafood!!! It always seems too short though because we don't get to see them very often and this was my first time meeting his aunt, uncle and cousin from Australia. Their accents are awesome!! I could listen to them talk all day :-) . After our Seattle trip, I started working my weekend nights shift again. Of course Debbie was off and I only got to work with her one day!! Bummer :-(

We started Nate's company slow-pitch softball league last Tuesday by winning our doubleheader. It was a blast!! I hate to say it, but we were both a little sore the next day. How embarrassing!!! I'm looking forward to this week, and my parents are going to bring Dexter and come watch soon. I'm excited. I guess I better work the rust out before they come watch though lol.

This weekend was my friend from college's wedding. Kristy and Stephen's rehearsal dinner was Friday at the country club and it was just a nice relaxed bbq with beer and the cards/cubs game on TV. What more could you ask for?!! Saturday we all got our hair done and drank champagne before going to the church to get dressed. The wedding was wonderful and no one cried except the maid of honor (her sister). We took a party bus after pics to the courthouse to take some more pictures and then off to Staunton for the reception. The hall was gorgeous, decorated in all hot pink and green colors. They had an awesome dinner catered by Ashley's (another bridesmaid) mom who owns a catering business. YUM YUM! And for dessert we had cheesecake with strawberry, chocolate or caramel toppings. It was all so pretty and wonderful and we danced our butts off all night!! The DJ decided it was a good idea to play all the slide, line dances, etc in a row and we were all sweating. GROSS!! Today her and Stephen opened presents at her parents and had brunch. They got some awesome stuff. I can't wait to register for my wedding!!!

Nathan and I met with our wedding coordinator last week and got meal plans finalized for the caterer and times set for arrival, ceremony, reception, etc. Next week we are doing cake testing to figure out what it will look and taste like, and have to go block off some rooms at the Hampton Inn in Columbia, Il. We are also going to register at Sears this Friday morning since we are both off. It seems neverending!! I just can't wait for the day to be here and everything to be done lol. Time to go approve Debbie's samples. Guess that's enough for now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

It's been almost a month, so I'm in real need of a post. Happy April Fools Day! Since my last post, I went to Carlinville for Kristy's bridal shower. Her sister did such a great job of picking out food and decorations. Everything was bright pink and green. It was ADORABLE! Her bachelorette party is this Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that as well. I went with my mom and grandma to my cousin's wife's baby shower also. We hung out with Crystal, Eric, Castro, and Sarah and got to see Castro's new house. It's very nice and roomy. Nate helped them move while I was at the baby shower. I finally made Nathan go to the podiatrist for his toe after he let it get so bad for 2 years. It was an ingrown toe nail at the base of his nail instead of the top. It was really weird. It was growing laterally so much it was almost out the side of his big toe. EW!! It feels much better and all the fun in the sun and flip flop time in AZ helped.

Arizona was great. We got there Wednesday night and were told they were out of the SUV we had booked so we ended up getting an Eclipse convertible. It was soo nice and fast!! :-) We went to a game Thurs, Fri, and Sunday and a practice on Thursday also. The Thursday game got called in the 7th due to weather!! Yes, in arizona! :-( BLAH. It was really windy, but c'mon its windier in Chicago...I think they are used to it. The other team was just pansies I guess. Saturday we went up to Sedona, AZ to see the canyons and stuff up there. It was such pretty scenery and Nathan got a chance to really use his new camera for landscapes and not just baseball player's butts lol. I got Ryne Sandberg and Milton Bradley's autographs which was cool. I also got an ear infection and had quite a painful airplane ride out there, so I went to an urgent care place to get some medicine before the ride home. All in all it was a great and relaxing vacation! The weather was amazing, considering it was snowing at home. I missed Dexter a lot though :-(. Nathan and I loved it so much, that we seriously are debating moving there once we are vested in our 401K's at work in 2011. Who knows!? You only live once....why not go somewhere nice and warm!!

Off to work...I switch back to weekends soon. It's going to suck being on different days than Nathan but it'll be nice working with Debbie again and having 4 days off a week :-)

They brought the Clydesdales and dalmation from STL to the spring training games. The dog was kind of worn out it looks like. Bunting above is my Cubs fave Ted Lilly :-)