Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009

UGH!! I hate Mondays. The only thing fun about today is Katie and I brought in milk and donuts for breakfast and then we went to White Castle for lunch. Yum! I officially am sooo full and just want to take a nap.

This past Tuesday, Bella got some more shots at the vet, I got an oil change, and we met the Murphys at Alfonso's for dinner. On Wednesday, Nathan and I got our taxes done and I ordered my cute silver shoes for Kristy's wedding. Thursday was fun times b/c I had to go back to court to pay off my ticket and get my ticket changed to a non-moving violation. YAY! I got that damn ticket in November. It's so good to finally be done with it.

Nathan bartended on Friday night, so my mom came over and watched The Secret Life of Bees with me and we made butterscotch pudding :-) YUM!! We also played Mario Kart on the Wii. I took a little nap before Nate got home with Taco Bell for me.

Saturday was Valentine's Day! We said we weren't doing gifts, but Nathan got me bubble bath and some other smelly good stuff from bath and body works. We went to stir crazy ( my fave) for lunch and then saw Taken at the theater. After that we ran a few errands and got Cold Stone ice cream before we went home. We layed in bed and watched Nights in Rodanthe and ate our ice cream. We decided to go to the bar and hang out with some friends after that. It was a great Valentine's day!! I love my Nathan :-)

Yesterday, my mommy and I went to Archiver's for a bridal class on making invitations and programs and stuff. We learned a lot, but it stressed me out on decided styles and colors and prices and whatnot. AHH! Nathan and I need to go pick a rehearsal dinner place and make a deposit THIS WEEK!! ERRR. We are thinking Gallaghers in waterloo b/c its nice and close to where we will have our rehearsal.

Alright, gotta get back to work :-0

Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 8, 2009

I'm at work on a Saturday night. BOO! I'm a loser. No, I needed a little OT and I like coming in on Saturdays b/c I miss working with Debbie :-) . We aren't too busy now, so we are both updating our blogs. Friday night was fun! We played laser tag in Belleville. It was our first time and I definitely got plowed over by a 9 year old boy. Neat! There was a restaurant, bar, and arcade connected to the place so we played other fun games and drank also. Today, Nate and I packed up a picnic lunch and the doggies and went to the park by our house. It was such a nice day! 67 degrees :-) We took the dogs on a nice long walk and jog after we ate, and Dexter tried to jump in the pond and eat the geese. We came home and watched Pineapple Express and an episode of the Office and Eleventh Hour before we both showered and came to work for 6 hours. Nate will be home early b/c they don't have to stock beer tonight. YAY! I'm starving though, so I might have to get Taco Bell on the way home. YUM!! No other news really. I received my free 8X8 shutterfly album in the mail today. It's so cute....aside from the pictures with me in it lol. Well, I'm leaving in about 30 minutes so I better get wrapping things up. My parents are coming over tomorrow so my mom can help me hem some curtains and my Dad and Nate are FINALLY rebuilding the wall they tore down 6 months ago. :-)

Sidenote....Jenn, I got your postcard from Disney! Thanks! I want to hear all about your trip :-) POST A NEW BLOG JEH!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5, 2009

Sheesh! Where did January go!? Since I wrote last, my birthday came and went with not much excitement. We went to a chinese buffet with my brother, his gf, my parents, aunt and 2 uncles and cousin. Afterwards, Nate and I said our goodbyes to Bridgette because she is moving to Virginia to travel nurse, and hung out at big daddy's with Duece and her roomie. It was a good night aside from getting 4 hours of sleep! UGH!!

Friday I went to Maggianos with Debbie, Barb, Samantha, and my mom. YUM YUM. We didn't have enough time to do Family style which was a bummer :-( . The lasagna was AMAZING though! We went to see Legally Blonde the musical at the Fox afterwards. It was AWESOME and we got to see Lauren and Rhiannon from the MTV show that tried out for Elle's spot. The picture of us was cute b/c we took it in front of the sign. You can't tell, but we all have pink shirts on under our jackets :-) WE ARE DORKS!!!
Saturday night Nathan and I went to the Blues game with Crystal and Eric. We went to dinner at TGIFridays first and I got to spin the bday wheel and got a free dinner. YAY!! That was awesome. The game was fun. We won 4-0 but were mad b/c if they score 5 goals you get free DQ blizzards. DARN!! We still went out for blizzards after the game lol. We also got to see a women get smacked in the face by the arm that goes up and down to let you in the parking garage. HILARIOUS!!!
On Sunday Nate had to bartend for superbowl and me, Ann, and Porscha went up to the bar to hang out for a little. I helped him open too and put all the chairs in place and cut fruit and stuff. I think I might try to bartend for some extra wedding cash in the next month if there are any openings. FUN FUN! I ended up staying till 930 and they closed early b/c everyone left after the game.
Monday was pretty uneventful at work aside from Katie going home sick. After work Nathan and I got food for the dogs at Petsmart and then dinner at PF Changs. YUM YUM. I also had the leftovers for lunch the next day.
Last night we met Debbie and her family at Angelo's for pizza. It was sooo scrumptious! Afterwards we watched House and 24 and called it an early night. I finished reading Midnight Sun (edward's viewpoint of twilight) and Nate played Call of Duty with Stephen online.
Well, some samples are in the window so I better go. I'm meeting Ann and Pt after work at Buffalo Wild Wings. YAY!! Gosh my whole blog is about food. I'm such a fatty!!! I better hop on the scale to see if my wedding dress will fit me lol.