Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dexter! My little boy is 1 today :-) . I woke up this morning to about 3 inches of snow on the ground. Ugh! I was going to take Nathan to work before I went in, but his boss is awesome and is letting him work from home. We also had plans to go to dinner with family friends (from sball) at 645 but with the snow its up in the air.

I'm jealous Nathan gets to stay home all day. BUT....he has to deal with the dogs. I love Bella to death but its just so frustrating b/c she doesn't listen and wants to be constantly in your face. She also is like a savage when its dinner time. You would think we never feed her. She will knock anything down in her path for that freakin food dish. It's ridiculous!!

Friday night was fun. We went to Olive garden and I had some yummy lasagna and then we went to Crystal's house and played yahtzee (mine and nate's first time) mad gab, etc. It was fun. We stayed over there till about 1130 then swung by and got Dexter from my parent's house and went home. He loves going over there to play so we try to take him there as much as possible especially when we aren't going to be home all evening.

Saturday morning we actually woke up semi early for once :-) We had our leftovers from olive garden and decided to catch a matinee showing of Gran Turino. It was sooo good/sad. I definitely recommend it. After that we finally found some black suede curtains from bed bath and beyond that were long enough to put behind our screen in basement to help make more of a theater room ambiance. Its a slow expensive process. Like just the curtains alone were 200 dollars to put behind the screen and then the doorway leading into the weight room. We still have to paint the baseboards gray, put up gray trim on wall, paint ceiling black and paint staircase. Oh and get theater chairs. I'm sure it'll take us another year to do it all with all our extra money going toward the wedding now. Oh well....at least we have the projector, screen and surround sound. Good enough for me :-) Saturday night I came in for 5 hours and worked with Debbie. It was nice to catch up with her and also help the lab catch up on drug chem samples.

On Sunday, Nathan and I layed in bed and were bums practically the entire day. We got up to eat twice and mail a few bills and some netflix movies. Other than that I started reading Midnight sun (twilight from edward's perspective) some more and then passed out. Monday at work was pretty uneventful. Not too busy with ASI samples....just drug chem. I worked on 8 different drug chem samples throughout the day and tried fiddling with the EG system. ANNOYING! After work Nate and I made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. It was yummy :-) I love putting peanut butter and syrup on top of my choc. chip pancakes. Tastes like a reese's peanut butter cup!! I made Nathan watch The Women with me also lol :-) I had nathan download the twilight soundtrack for me and then I read a few more pages of Midnight sun before passing out.

The drive wasn't too terrible this morning except for in my neighborhood. We are supposed to get a few more inches today though so wish me luck !! I hate driving in the snow :-(

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23, 2009

Once again, not doing very well with writing in my blog. Oh well, I figure once a week is good. Well, since I wrote last we ended up adopting Bella the 1 year old rottie. She doesn't have very good manners and doesn't know many commands yet, but she seems smart and willing to learn so that's good. Her and Dexter are outside playing. Its so nice that Dexter has a companion. Nate and I got her mostly for Dexter. We were content with just one dog, but its good for Dex to have someone to play with. She just ended a heat cycle when we got her (whew) and we are getting her fixed next week. She was scheduled to yesterday but after getting her Bordetella shot she developed kennel cough. Kinda like the whole flu shot/getting the flu ordeal. And then she passed it on to Dexter. So they are both on antibiotics and cough suppressants. Fun Fun! I had an interview at our Maryland Heights facility today. Its kinda a whole different route in my career if I take it. So we'll see what I decide. I want the Hazelwood job but they never called back. I suck!! :-( Other than that I've just been working and hanging out with Nathan and the pups. Tonight we are going to Olive Garden with Crystal and Eric and then playing games at their house :-) Tomorrow I'm going in to work with Debbie for a little bit :-0 YAY while Nate is bartending. Gotta make that extra cash. Just wrote a check for $3900 for our first payment for wedding/reception. Ugh!! 3 more to go!! At least my dress is paid for too. So after these next three installments I'll have to honeymoon, flowers, favors, etc . So expensive!! I guess that's why you only do it once :-) . I finished the Twilight series finally. It was sooo good! I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'm trying to read the Host by Stephanie Meyer but its really weird! I have to go get the dogs and maybe take a nap. :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009

WOW! I've been horrible about writing on this. Where to start....A week ago I had traffic class b/c I'm a bad citizen and got a speeding ticket for going 10 over. I took the course so I wouldn't get points toward my license. It was 4 hours monday and tuesday and we watched movies and took quizzes. It was HORRIBLE!! Oh well, I'm just glad its done and over. I did miss one question.....where should your hands be when driving. I put 10 and 2.....nope NOT RIGHT!!! Its 8 and 4 now. WTF! When did this happen. I just took drivers ed 7 years ago. SHEESH.

Nate bartended this past weekend and made some extra cash b/c he has to get new tires this month. I went and saw Bride Wars with my mommy and went and worked 4 hrs w/ Debbie so we could catch up on things. Bride Wars was soo cute and funny. I definitely recommend it to anyone. We drug my dad too which was kinda funny.

Big news! I'm working days now. Monday thru Friday 6am-2pm. Its great to have my weekends but I get payed less money, I have to wake up sooo early, and I have to come to work 2 extra days. Other than that I love having my weekends with Nathan and Dexter and my nights at home to hang out and cook dinner and stuff.

My mom and I saw twilight w/ Samantha (my bro's gf) on Monday night. I'm on the fourth book now. I love the series!! I'm surprised. I really was not looking forward to reading it and thought I would be bored w/ it but after the first book I was hooked. The movie wasn't as good as the book like always but it was nice to see how they portrayed all the characters and stuff. Just little stuff bothers me like in the book the Cullens live in a big white house....in the movie its like a wooden house w/ all these huge windows. WEIRD! Its not like some things they couldn't help but skipping or changing due to time constraints....but they couldn't find a big white house in the forrest to live in !?? seriously ppl! lol.

I went to the dentist tuesday and have a cavity UGH!! I have to get it filled next tuesday. This sucks. :-( Bridgette came over tuesday and we talked for hours and our dogs played and it was just really nice to see her and catch up on things.

My brother and his fellow cops found a 1 year old(ish) female Rottweiler while on duty and they can't find the owner or anything so today after work I'm going to get her and take her to get groomed and get fecal test, shots, and bloodwork to see if she is okay and then Dexter will have a mate :-) I'll post pics as soon as I can. I hope they get along!!

Other than that, nothing much is up. I had a phone interview today for a position at our Hazelwood campus. It went well so I hope to hear from her soon about setting up a face to face interview. I love that they have flexible start hours and summer hours. WOOHOO! This friday Nate and I are celebrating my bday with my Carlinville friends. Jackie, Marcus, Kristy and Stephen are coming down and we are going to the Melting Pot. I'm sooo excited. The food is so amazing (but expensive) and I'm going to be honest....my favorite part is dessert :-)

Gotta get back to work :-) More to come.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creepy dog!

Nate and I were at Petsmart and this dog thoroughly creeped me out b/c we recently watched the Xfiles movie where they cut off heads of dogs and put on a different dog's body. And this german shepard looked like its head was put on a lab's body. I think it was because they shaved it.....I still had to take a picture though. CREEPY!!! :-/

January, 3 2009

Happy New Year! Well, I definitely sucked at blogging all week. SORRY! Where to start....... Well, Tuesday at the Blues games our seats were awesome. We could see everything on the ice and we had all you can drink beer and soda with some snacks. I had to, of course, go down and get some nachos. I couldn't resist. I love cheese!! My cousin Jeff and my Dad ended up sitting at Jeff's season ticket seats which are really close to the ice. Well, if you look closely my Dad is answering questions to win a prize and you can see him on the jumbotran (spelling??). He got all the questions wrong though because they were personal questions about one of the players....like favorite magazine, condiment, and chewing gum. DUMB!!
Wednesday Nate and I went to the Chiropractor...I'm still having TMJ (jaw) issues. Apparently my bite is off and it causes it to pop and it hurts and she pops it back into place. It's quite painful actually. Nate got his neck re-aligned as well. That night we went to Castro's for 4 hours and then Crystal's until 2am and then we went home.
Thursday we had to go get Dexter from my parents and we sat at the vet with him for 3 hours while he got 200 dollars worth of injections/xrays to figure out why he was STILL throwing up. Good news though, he isn't stopped up again. Thank god!! I do not have 1200 dollars for that surgery! Apparently b/c of his last surgery he has trouble digesting so we have to feed him in small increments every few hours (pretty much all day b/c he is a 90 pound dog!) Debbie said he is worse than a baby lol :-) . I am starting to think she's right! Thursday night we bought another Xbox for our bedroom (we already have on in the theater area in the basement) b/c we traded in blockbuster for netflix and you can watch movies through xbox live on your netflix queue. It's pretty awesome. We also bought the xbox game scene it movies and we can play it in bed at night. It's great. We also played halo 3 online with Crystal and Eric and 2 of her co-workers.
Friday I watched The Office in the morning (I'm on season 4 now :-) It's hilarious) and then met Nate for lunch at Cheesecake factory. I also called and chatted with Debbie on the way home and caught up on what we did on New Years and stuff. When I got home I gave Dexter a bath. He decided it was a good idea to drink all the water in the bathtub during his bath then run around like a madman. He proceeded to jump on the bed and roll around on his back until he slid off and did a backflip off the bed. During the dismount he also decided to projectile vomit all the water he had just drank during his bath. JAZZ!!!! After cleaning that up and being tired and having a full belly from Cheesecake factory, I took a nap. Nate got home during my nap and decided to put our new Schwinn exercise bike together. When I woke up we ate dinner and watched Eagle Eye. It was pretty good! During Eagle Eye we each took a 30 min turn on the exercise bike. That's kinda our new years resolution is to start doing some cardio like 3 times a week so we can be healthy and happy for our wedding day! And forever.... After showering we layed in bed and played scene it some more and Nate fell asleep around 2. I had taken a nap earlier and wasn't tired at all so I watched Sisterhood of the traveling pants and went to bed.
Tonight at work I hope we aren't busy so I can read more of New Moon....the second book in the twilight series. I'm pleasantly surprised by how good the series is. I am glad I gave it a second try. I also need to soak my acrylic nails off in acetone lol. I hardcore need a new set. These are getting really thin and breaking and stuff. Alright, off to work!