Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30, 2008

Well, not much new here. I just got off work and am waiting for my phone to charge a little on the computer because I forgot my wall cord and have to use the stupid USB cord. Oh well...I love my Iphone still! :-) Work was good last night except one of my instruments wasn't working at all!! UGH!! Nicholle and I worked out and watched Parental Control on MTV. We had cake and ice cream (Debbie and I brought it in) for Kelly's bday and we both randomly had pink pants on....kinda funny :-) . Tonight Nathan and I are going to our first Blues game together YAY!! We have a party room w/ some of his coworkers and we might meet up w/ my cousin Jeff afterwards b/c he has season tickets. Dexter threw up AGAIN this morning UGH!! My poor baby :-( Ever since he enterotomy his stomach is sooo sensitive. I finished the book Twilight last night. It was surprisingly good for a teen series. I even started the second book last night b/c Debbie brought it for me YAY! :-) Alright, my phone is charged...time for bed finally !!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 27, 2008

WOW! I can't believe I'll be writing 2009 before I know it. Where did this year go? I feel like I just started working at Covidien and that was way back in February! Yesterday Nathan, Dexter and I went to Jacksonville for dinner with his mom, gma, and siblings. After dinner we opened presents and took some pictures and went on to Springfield. We can't stay the night at his mom's because they have several cats and Nate is very allergic. We will invest in allergy shots at some point but right now we don't have the time and money to deal w/ that. Too many wedding plans :-). We stayed at his friends Bob and Taush's. Dexter was more excited than us because they have a rotty only 2 months younger than Dex, so they had lots of fun playing together. We played Mario Kart on the Wii and watched the Office (I'm on season 3 now) until bed. Dexter got sick during the night and puked like 4 different times. Nathan was fast enough to grab the paper towel roll and catch the puke while i held his head. We are pros at this because since he had stomach surgery any and everything makes that dog puke. He has such a sensitive stomach for a 90 pound pooch. At one point he dry-heaved and this little chunk of puke flew out and landed on my glasses. SOOO GROSS!!! So I started dry-heaving and Nathan is laughing at me! It was soo funny and also at 530 in the morning so we are trying to be quiet b/c they are sleeping. It was sooo funny!! Poor Dex.... :-( This morning we went to Denney jewelers to pick out our bands. Mine will just match the band of my engagement ring so that was easy enough. Nathan was torn between a white gold band with a few tiny diamonds, a tungsten, and a platinum band w/ some decorative grooves. Of course he goes with the one thats $1200 more than the rest lol. That's okay I got platinum too. Its only fair. Platinum is down about 40% b/c of the economy....and that's only since May when we got my engagement ring!! Craziness! Its almost as cheap as gold now. Platinum is perfect for me b/c it can't be hurt by any of the chemicals at work or scratched or dulled. I still wear my gma's wedding band and its 70 years old and platinum. After we picked our bands I got my eng ring cleaned and then we went to my fave place in the world PANERA!! YUM YUM :-) On the way home there was HORRIBLE weather and they came on the radio saying a tornado touched down on the same highway we were on, just 20 miles north of us!! We arrived home safely though so thats good. I took a nap and shower and now I'm at work just catching up reading Debbie and Jenn's blogs and doing some samples in between.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Well, yesterday was a blast. Nathan and I slept in until 1pm and then went over to help my mom get stuff ready for dinner b/c my dad had to work. We helped bake cookies, cut the ham (nate), get all the snacks and thinks layed out nicely, etc. It was a nice dinner and my mom's siblings and their kids came over. :-) My uncle got me a popcorn maker from Target that looks like the old style big popcorn machines but its only 2 feet tall. Adorable!! I can't wait to use it. He got me kernels and cheddar toppinng as well. He also got my mom a Cricut, which she has no idea how to use or even want to so I get it! YAY!! Hopefully it will help come time to make wedding invitations and programs and stuff. Nate and I got craftsman drill and circular saw and a wok for stir fry (our fave) and an ornament (penguin of course) a gift card to cheesecake factory and some other stuff I can't even remember it all right now. Oh my mom got me nail and tanning packages for my wedding (early but good since I'll run out of money by then lol) We played uno attack and went to midnight mass as well. It was a great night and Dexter definitely enjoyed his first Christmas :-) Today Nate and I are just relaxing in our new house w/ our lil family and cooking and opening presents and stuff together. He got me XM subsciption and radio for my car, taboo, and a subscription to Scientific American (I asked for b/c I'm a dork) . I love my presents!! :-) I can't wait to jam out to my new radio on the way to work tomorrow!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


OH I forgot to attach a cute pic of Braden when I was talking about Christmas and stuff. He is getting so big! Him and Kaitlyne are going to be so cute walking down the aisle together at my wedding. And they will both be such cute blonde 3 year olds together :-) awww I can't wait!!


This is what I have to come home to!! My dog sleeps in my spot when I work nights lol. I think Nate is trying to replace me :-)

December 22, 2008

I decided to come into work tonight after calling in sick Saturday and Sunday. On Friday I went to get my nails done and then went and tried on my dress in the light ivory color with my mom and I loved it! So I brought it home along with my hot pink dress for Kristy's wedding and my veil. Whew...1 more thing out of the way before October. I'm surprisingly calm about the wedding planning thus far and it helps a lot with the wedding coordinator but the little stuff will add up sooner or later I'm sure. After I left David's Bridal, Nathan and I met Crystal and Eric for dinner at Casa Gallardo in Fairview Heights. I had an amazing Margarita and chicken quesadilla :-) . After that we wanted to just chill so we went back to their house and had game night and drank some wine. YUM YUM! We played Mad Gab, Cranium, and Imaginiff and, of course, the girls dominated!! We went to my parents house and spent the night around 2am b/c we were going to my Grandma's for Christmas that afternoon. We woke up late (1pm lol) and got ready and went to my Grandma's. We do a gift exchange between my dad's siblings and their kids and I drew my half-brother BJ's wife Mandi this year. Its a $25 dollar limit so I got her a necklace and earrings from New York and Company and some lotion from Bath and Body Works. My cousin Michelle had my name and she got me a coach hat and scarf (sooo cute :-) ) and some scrapbooking stuff. My aunt can get 40% off some coach stuff through her work so I definitely got something worth more than the $25 dollar limit. YAY for me! My uncle got Nate an Al Capone flask which was nice. Nate wasn't in the drawing this year b/c we aren't married yet. I also found out my half-brother and his wife are expecting again and due in June. I swear them and Jenn are on the same schedule. Saturday night we kinda just chilled and watched TV. Nate has gotten me hooked on The Office so we watched the first season and are halfway through the second. I thought it was kinda dumb at first but now I'm hooked :-) I love it. We still have 2 more seasons to watch and are currently watching the 5th every Thursday night. Sunday we slept in and then bought paint and finished painting the purple in the basement. Then we played Scattergories and watched more of The Office. Today we had to drop Dexter off for his 10 month comprehensive exam (88 .6 pounds!!!) and all checked out well. Nate and I also went to the Chiropractor and then we ate Buffalo Wild Wings (YUM!!) and picked up Dex and went home. After that I took a nap and came to work. Fun times !! I'm going to attempt to read Twilight. The first time I was slightly bored with it and stopped after 30 pages to read a Jodi Picoult book, but I just finished Secret Life of Bees (soo good and can't wait to rent movie) and Nate bought Twilight for me at Sam's club so I'm trying to read again and it's better this time. I'm being more patient and I'm about 100 pages in. Well, I have to go write up my FY09 goals for work and do my timecard for the payperiod.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008

I love how devoted I have been to writing in this blog lol. This won't last long at all! I just realized from looking at Jenn's blog that you can add pictures in your blog which is freakin awesome. I'm on Nate's computer now b/c mine is restarting from updates so I don't have any pictures for today. Maybe I'll have some after the holidays to put on or something. I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING today. I just layed around until I finished reading Secret Life of Bees and then met Porscha and Debbie and her kids for lunch at Pirrones. YUMMY!!!! My fave pizza buffet ever. I love thin crust pizza. It's even better than Imo's if that's even possible :-). Debbie gave me some penguin socks, a pink scarf, some lip gloss, and lotions from bath and body works :-) It was very sweet of her and I loved all of my gifts! I tickled Nico (he's 7) while he was taking a bite of soup and he spit it all up (back in his bowl thankfully). It was hysterical. I love her kids! I pondered going shopping with PT (she has Christmas shopping left still) but I knew I would just spend money that I need for my wedding soo.....I'm sitting at home writing a blog. Much safer bet. I was pumped this weekend when I weighed myself at work to see I was 139 pounds. 20 pounds less than my senior year of college. Oh how mcdonalds and beer 5 times a week makes you a fatty lol. I'm not allowed to gain or lose weight before my wedding thought because as it is I fit perfectly in my size 4 gown and need no alterations. That's like 100 dollars at least saved. YAY!! It also means I can't get more than like 1 inch heels. F it...I'll prolly just wear flip flops lol. I'm going to change after the wedding into them anyways and why risk them sinking in wet grass or wedging between stones. No thanks! My luck I would trip and fall into the pond and waterfall. I'm going tomorrow to pick out if I want white or light ivory gown and veil. I thought ivory was for whores lol but its very elegant and pretty :-) so we'll see. Well, off to let Dexter outside to go potty.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

Wow, I'm actually writing on this during the day! I'm not a vampire during the week when I'm off work. Today I woke up with Nathan while he was getting ready for work I let Dexter out and fed him. After Nate left I did some laundry and vacuumed. I love our Dyson. It was a good 550 dollar investment lol. Our house gets so gross in just a matter of 4 or 5 days from having a dog in the house (85 pound dog at that). After that I went to Target to get some odds and ends things...most importantly tortilla chips because Nate made homemade queso (yum yum). I met Amanda for lunch at Fast Eddies which was fun because I don't get to see her very often. Its supposed to dump snow on us again tomorrow. God I hate winters in the midwest!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008

1am....chilling in the lab. It's my last night of work for the week WOOHOO!! I haven't been too busy tonight which is nice because I'm on the chromatography side which is something I've only been doing for a little over a month now and only once a week. I'm catching on finally and as long as all my instruments are working its kinda relaxing. I didn't do much today besides sleep, eat some yummy Mexican food that Nathan cooked, and watch Horton Hears a Who. Totally cute movie, by the way. It's supposed to snow ALLL WEEK!!!! This sucks because I really want to meet Amanda before she goes back to Chicago for Christmas Break. Also, my wedding gown and bridesmaid dress for Kristy's wedding are waiting to be picked up over in Illinois so I need to make my way over there soon. I can't even go to my parents like I normally do on Tuesdays b/c its sooo crappy out and Nate needs my Jeep. So Dexter won't be able to play with his girlfriend Gracey all day. I just hope I make it home safely in the morning. EHH WISH ME LUCK!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 15, 2008

Here I am sitting at the computer in the wee hours of the morning once again. It's 130am and I just wrapped up some samples and things so I figured this would be a good time to write an entry. I just went and put some cardboard on my window b/c its sleeting out. It is soooo slippery that I almost fell like 4 times while walking to the parking lot. Today when I woke up Nathan and I went and bought a snow shovel and watched the rest of season 1 of the Office while eating our leftover Stir Crazy. mmmm still yummy :-) Then I showered and got ready for work. Not much to accomplish when you are only home 10 hours and over half of that you are sleeping. Now that I'm caught up with all my work I'm going to try to read my book. I'm reading The Secret Life of Bees. Its good so far. I'm about half way. I wanted to make sure I read it before seeing the movie b/c if I watch the movie first I'll be too lazy to read the book. Next I want to read Marley and me. Except I heard its really sad. I applied for a job in a different building in hopes of getting day shift. I hate nights!!! :-(

December 14, 2008

I'm sitting at work at 3am trying to start a blog because my best friend Jenn in North Carolina is making me. I guess it's easier for her to stalk me this way lol. Nothing much happened in my life today. Nathan and I woke up and showered and went to Stir Crazy with Kristy and Stephen. Then we bought the first season of the Office and started watching it before I had to take a nap and come to work. Debbie left me stranded all by my lonesome and I've been super busy for the past 8 hours UGH!! Well, I'm going to go finish up some samples and go work out for a little. Can't gain any weight before October b/c I have to fit in that size 4 dress :-) . I go this week to pick up my wedding gown and my bridesmaids dress for Kristy's wedding in April. Nate and I bought Scattergories and Office Trivia and have been playing it. We also started working on a puzzle (palm trees of course) . We've been in a board game mood lately.....or at least I have. Dexter is over 80 pounds now and goes for his 10 month check-up next week. I'm so excited for Christmas this year b/c its Nathan and I's first Christmas in our house together :-) YAY!!!!