Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Bridgette! I can't believe we have been friends for 10 years. CRAZY! This week has been hectic/fun. Tuesday was our softball championship. We beat the number 4 seed (green team) to make it to the finals and had to sit and watch blue vs. black to determine who we would play in the finals. Black was definitely a better team all summer but blue battled and won by 1 run. We won the championship and had a blast doing it. Everyone seemed to hit and make some pretty awesome plays. It was a blast. We got a big huge trophy and went out to Duffy's afterwards for pizza and celebratory beers! Nate and I stopped by Double D afterwards to say hi to Sarah and Bronson and have a beer.

On Wednesday, Porscha and I ironed on fun rhinestone designs on the back of the girls shirts for the float trip :-). Then I watched Race to Witch Mountain (cute) and got my nails filled before Nathan got home. I also had a major headache and laid in bed for 2 hours. Hormonal issues...... Nate was planning on golfing with Joe and Nevitt and since he would have to ride in the cart all by his lonesome (which isn't fun) I offered to go ride along. haaa. Little did we know, this place doesn't rent out carts after 530. Their tee time was 6. Neat huh!? So I just wandered around with them and walked the 9 holes. Well, they only got through 7 because the sun went down. We went to Fortel's afterwards for a late dinner and then off to DD to meet Sarah and Bronson and Ann (Antwan :-/ long story). We had a really good time hanging out with everyone and a lot of the fun regulars were there like Kevin, Leonard, and Jason. We stayed till close and got home to SURPRISE dexter puked all over the bathroom floor. UGH!! So I drunkenly cleaned up puke before bed, while trying to hold back my dry heaves lol. Then we ate our white castle we had picked up on the way home. YUM YUM!!

Thursday was fun because Nate worked from home and we got to relax all morning. In the afternoon, we ran to Sams for some shopping and Nate picked up some light at Sears for his bachelor party camping trip. Then we cleaned house the rest of the afternoon before I picked up my mom to meet with the florist in Collinsville. We are doing fake flowers for bridesmaids and groomsmen but my bouquet, Nate's bouttoniere, and our parents flowers will be real. It'll be a nice mix. I hope everything matches and looks good. That was a two hour meeting figuring things out and putting down a deposit and this and that. My mom and I went back to her house to eat dinner with my daddy before heading off to the Muny to see Hairspray. SOOOOO GOOOD by the way!! I loved it :-). Nathan packed his car for his camping weekend and helped finish up some cleaning and laundry around the house. Soooo sweet!! I was all wired after seeing Hairspray and stayed up and watched the movie Obsessed with beyonce. I really liked it!

Friday we finally got Dex to eat his normal amount of food without barfing and then let him spend the afternoon outside while we met Bo for lunch and a beer at Hot Shots and then went to his house to help him load up his truck for Nate's shindig. We had to put in coolers, a grill, generator, propane tank, firewood, etc into his truck. It was nice so he could just be ready to go in the morning and not sweat his ass off carrying all that stuff. Nate wanted to get to bed early so he stayed in and watched the Cubs game and Ann came over and played guitar hero for a little bit. Then we got ready to go out and stopped at DD for a beer and 2 shots before going out downtown. It was nice to visit with Sarah again and make fun of everybody in there. It was sooo crowded but everyone was already drunk and just like standing around dazed. Kinda funny. We went down to Morgan St. and realized we didn't have cash for parking and had to pay in quarters lol. Fun times. We stood right in front of the stage and danced for hours and would take turns getting beer and sharing it. I of course didn't drink as much because I was driving but I did want to have some three olives bubble ( the new bubble gum flavored vodka yum yum) and they had 2 dollar shots of it mixed with creme de banana. Ann hated it but i HEARTED it. We had a blast catching up and dancing our butts off. We didn't get heckled by many guys either b/c we were right up against the stage which was nice. We got up on stage for the last 2 songs which was fun and then sat outside and cooled off for a little before heading home. We were considering going to big daddy's for another hour because its open later, but opted for taco bell and sleep. We went to bed at 4 and next thing I knew Nate's alarm was going off at 5. UGH!

Nate left at 530 for golf with the boys in alton and then got changed at Greg's before lunch at the duck and then out to the land to get wasted and be crazy. I hope he is having fun!!!! He even called me a few times too which I wasn't expecting. It was sweet. :-) Ann and I got up around 830 or so and got ready for Raging Rivers. We spent the day riding slides and fighting waves and then ended with a yummy cheeseburger and floated around the lazy river 3 times. We had an awesome time together and I got to see her 3 times this week which was awesome. :-) .

Now I'm sitting at work completely exhausted because I was in the sun and water all day and now I'm trying to stay awake and focused. UGH. Debbie is off so it's even busier without the extra person. Tomorrow I'll be getting no sleep either b/c I'm getting up for my new niece's baptism. Well, I better wrap up some stuff before it gets too busy again.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of drinking and partying in one week. Oh yeah, I forgot, you're still a youngster :-) Sounds like a fun week.