Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009

WOW! A whole month...I know! I suck :-(

In the past month, I've gone to Wrigley Field for a Cards/Cubs game with Nate and his friends Joe and Castro and others, and also met my Aunt Patty and cousin Michelle at the game. It was my second time to Wrigley, but first time in the bleachers. It was an awesome time, even though the Cards lost. I'm pretty sure we drank for like 14 hours....ugh. Here is a pic or me, Nate and Michelle, and a pic of me, my aunt, and michelle.

Nathan and I went to the Botanical Gardens with my mom and Uncle Raymond one Saturday and nate rented a macro lens and got some awesome shots! I got a little more comfortable with my camera and took at least 450 pictures that day. We watched the All-star game at home together...the one game we cheer for the same team all year :-). We dropped off some wedding stuff in Springfield to be engraved and met Bob and Taush for sushi YUM YUM, I bartended 2 more times, and Nate went on a golf trip to springfield with Nev, Joe, Kevin, Foster, etc one weekend. Bridgette got me awesome Bare escentuals makeup at the galleria and then we went to cheesecake factory with Nate and Joe afterwards. We went to Dave and Busters for Colin's Birthday (guy from work) and met a whole bunch of other work people there. It was nice because Nate got to finally meet all these people I had been talking about for the last year and a half lol. We have one more night of softball, but it keeps getting rained out. We are in 1st place and we just have the playoffs left. The black team proves to be our only hurdle of getting 1st place overall. :-/ We'll see..... I got my hair trimmed and highlighted, and have my practice updo coming up next month. I just need to print my address labels and get Nathan to print his and we'll be ready to send out our invitations. After that are the rehearsal dinner invites and then programs. We have to meet with our officiant first to discuss the order of things before doing program. We got our guestbook and pen ordered and our favors done...just need to be bagged up the week or two before. Porscha and I made tanks for the bachelorette party (pink of course) with iron on words and fun things on the back with iron on rhinestones from Joanns and Hobby Lobby. We are going to look so cute. I just hope it won't be cold or rainy! Nate's Bachelor party is this weekend and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I'm so happy! I have to get back to work because Debbie left me by my lonesome tonight :-(

Sorry for such a disorganized blog...just trying to get everyone up to speed.

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