Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

Well, it's time for my weekly blog :-). I processed the rest of my Botanical Garden pics finally and posted them on flickr. Here are two of my faves.

Also one of Dexter thinking he is human as usual :-)

The week started off with Nathan being so tired and worn out from his bachelor party and I just worked Sat, Sun, and Mon. Nate's great friend from high school, Danny, is staying with us for a little bit until he gets some stuff figured out and moves into an apartment. It's been really fun though because someone is always home and Dexter loves the extra attention as well. We had taco night on Tuesday which was yummy and played guitar hero and hung out on Wednesday. On Thursday we went to Max and Erma's where he manages in Lake St. Louis and had dinner. YUM YUM!!! And then Nate and Danny came up and visited me while I bartended later that night. Porscha got my bridal shower stuff squared away and I'm helping her get invitations together and sent out hopefully by tomorrow or Wed by the latest. It's at the Bistro in St. louis by the Fox Theater. Should be really modern and fun! I'm so excited! I can't believe my shower and bachelorette party are less than a month away AHHH!! Friday was a blast! We had barbecue and beer at Debbie's and tie dyed shirts while the boys went for a helicopter ride. It's so nice being out in the middle of nowhere. So peaceful and so much privacy. I think Dexter had even more fun than us if that's possible. He ran around sniffing and chasing bugs and peeing on everything and even managed to bend his stake in half trying to eat Debbie's cat Zeus. A very fun and relaxing week and it's my last night of work. YAY!

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